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- CNC Machining (wood/metal/plastic)

Projects typically begin in the Design and Engineering Department. From there we use the latest in CAD/CAM technologies, to ensure your job is manufactured to the highest standard. Our Engineering department uses our 2 CNC Routers and CNC Plasma to make this process clean and precise. We also offer our CNC Services for production manufacturing and signage. With our diverse background in manufacturing we are a valuable resource to you.

- Metal Shop

Our Metal Shop is comprised of our CNC Plasma and Router as well as our Roll Bender, Mill, Lathe, Cold Cut Saw, Bandsaw and Forge. Along with all the necessary grinders, polishers and hand tools to get the job done. Welding is done with one of our Mig, Tig or Stick welders.

- Wood Shop

Our Wood Shop is always ready for a challenge. Using one of our two CNC Routers, our the dueling table saws or our panel saw is where it usually starts. From there the Bandsaw, Radial Arm or Chop Saw is the next step or maybe the Shaper table. We have all the tools necessary to build your project right. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen can make it happen.

- 3D Modeling

Using the latest technology our design department will take your concepts and bring it life in a 3D environment. This truly helps visualize your ideas and put life into a project. We can create your prototypes with our 3D printer.

- Mold & Paint shop

Our Mold shop can create anything from a life cast to molds out of Silicone. We can cast in resin, plastic or rubber. We can also cast breakaways if needed. Our Rim Spray machine allows us to hard coat just about any material in minutes. Adding color is what truly makes the magic come to life. We are equipped with a fullsize spray booth, spray chrome machine and 5 airless sprayers. With the ability to do everything from large scale Theatrical paint projects and faux finishes to high end lacquer sprays and spectra chrome paint finishes our Paint Department truly has no limitations.

- Custom Upholstery

Our inhouse Upholstery Department has the ability to cover everything custom furniture to drapery and bedding. There isn’t anything we can’t do with fabric. Our highly-qualified industry professionals with extensive knowledge in each of their disciplines are the foundation of our dedicated artisans. Their talent is a true testament to the loyalty of our clients.



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